Nana T Tales

Presenting a new series of children’s books…true tales from an author known to her readers simply as “Nana T”.

In all the world, Nana T loves nothing more than spending time with her grandchildren, especially in her sprawling backyard garden, large enough to be a jungle in a child’s eyes. This is where they met “Hops” the tree frog. They also have another favorite place to explore: the beach!

It’s also the home of “Grumpy the Great Blue Heron”. These books are a gift to her grandchildren, but Nana T’s sharing them with parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren everywhere.

Illustrations are from the very talented hands and creative spirit of Kim Sponaugle.

About Nana T

 Anita Turnage, “Nana T”, lives in South Carolina with her husband, Ralph, “Pop”, and English Setter, Izzie. She retired from corporate life after 27 years and is now a full-time wife, mother, grandmother, gardener and volunteer. The days she savors most are those spent with her grandchildren. As a gift to her grandchildren, “Nana T” takes pen in hand to recount delightful adventures she shared with them.

Nana T’s Books

Grumpy The Great Heron

Grumpy the Great Blue Heron

Haden and Ella Grace love to visit Nana T at the beach!

They discover a very fussy blue heron living under a bridge nearby. Enjoy their visits to the bridge and the merriment that follows.

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Grumpy The Great Heron

Hops the Tree Frog

Haden loves to share exciting adventures with Nana T in her garden.

One day, while on hands and knees, they come face to face with a tiny little tree frog. “Hops” begins to visit daily, and Haden’s fascination grows.

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Readers Views Award
Grumpy The Great Heron

Later Gator

Ella Grace and Haden love to ride and explore on the golf cart when they visit Nana T at the beach. They always come home with an exciting story to share. This story is no exception as they encounter a life-threatening event involving their favorite Great Blue Heron, Grumpy, and a very hungry alligator!

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Grumpy The Great Heron


Haden and Ella Grace discover a baby flounder in the crab trap.

Haden is determined to earn a flounder hat if he catches a bigger one. So, the fishing adventure begins, followed by a hilarious OOPS…. will Haden EVER catch that fish?

“This book is sure to entertain any child with a love of the outdoors, Flounder is a heartwarming retelling of one of author Anita Turnage’s many adventures with her three beloved grandchildren. The cozy dialogue reveals a close, loving family eager to turn a fishing mishap into another exciting opportunity for learning and exploration.”

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