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Grumpy the Great Blue Heron

Grumpy the Great Blue Heron

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Introducing Grumpy the Great Blue Heron, the new book from Nana T Tales, and the second book in the series.

Haden and Ella Grace love to visit Nana T at the beach!

The children become fascinated with a very fussy blue heron, who lives under a bridge nearby. Enjoy their visits to the bridge and the merriment that follows. A charming story, full of beach fun and learning, based on the escapades of Ella Grace, Haden, and the very cranky bird who they named “Grumpy”.


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“Can we check on the blue heron who lives under the bridge?” Haden asked. “We surely can,” Nana T replied. “We cross the bridge on our way to the beach.” As they got close to the bridge, Ella Grace began pointing to the spot where the huge bird lived. “EEEEEE,” she squealed. Ella Grace was delighted and continued to point. “Bird….bird,” she said. “Yes, Ella Grace,” Nana T said. “That big bird is a Great Blue Heron.” They drove on toward the beach and counted many other herons in the marsh grass along the creeks. Ella Grace pointed and chattered to all the birds they saw while Haden eagerly anticipated their arrival at the beach. Once they were all settled on the beach, Haden and Ella Grace ran straight into the water. “Look at the starfish!” Haden exclaimed. He and Ella Grace stooped down to examine the purple starfish that was embedded in the sand. The next day they checked on the blue heron again. They were greeted by the same “AWWWK”. “I think the heron gets grumpy when he is disturbed,” Haden said. “Let’s call him Grumpy,” Haden said, “because he surely seems grumpy when he squawks at us.” “I think that’s a good name,” Nana T said.

1 review for Grumpy the Great Blue Heron

  1. Nonnie of 3

    Very sweet story that includes information about the herons.

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